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Now you can. Your best. With Synapse, the ExpertKnowledge cloud-based Learning Design System (LDS)™, your company's experts will create powerful, practical, personalized learning experiences for your workforce quickly, easily and effectively.

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Transform What Your Experts Know Into What Your Business Needs.

ExpertKnowledge knows that corporate learning and knowledge transfer can sometimes hurt. It’s expensive, time-consuming, not always aligned with specific business objectives – and if that’s not enough, it’s often ineffective.

That’s why Synapse is designed to let your experts, your best, do their best to make your business better.

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What Your Company Knows Matters. How You Transfer That Knowledge Matters More.

Whether you’re building your training to cover the basics, address an acute situation, or simply to be better at your game, bottom line, it’s all about the bottom line.

While most course creation solutions jump right into development, Synapse starts with analysis: who needs to learn what and why.

What’s the business case that’s driving that need to know?

How will this learning improve workforce effectiveness and your bottom line?

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Be in the Know.
Be Knowledge-Powered.

Inspired by the workings of the human brain where trillions of synapses work in tandem to effortlessly and effectively share information, Synapse is informed by the latest science on adult learning.

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“…a company that could transform corporate training programs in all industries.”

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